Our Nutritional Supplements

At Alive Colon hydrotherapy, we offer two lines of the highest quality nutrition supplements available to consumers.


The first line, Genesis Pure, is founded on the three step idea of cleansing, balancing, and building the body into health.

Founded by ND Lindsey Duncan, Genesis Pure utilizes nutrition to help the body create an alkaline environment for optimal living and exuberance.
This is not a new idea, although it is novel in today’s fast paced, fast food, fast fix world. All of the products available through this line are amazing and able to help your body attain a state of homeostasis that God intended. If you aren’t drinking alkaline water and getting in your 6-9 servings of green veggies every day then this is the supplement line for you!

Our second line of nutritional supplements is Standard Process. This line is available through health care providers only and we are honored to be able to provide it to you.
Standard Process was founded by Royal Lee and is founded on the principle that to be a whole person you need whole foods. Not synthetically derived “nutrients” found in most supplements.

The line is integrative and offers a solution for every health problem from prostate issues to spleen problems. Perhaps one of the most extensive and trusted brands on the market.

Many people feel that they do not need supplementation of their diets because they do a fairly good job eating healthy (coffee for breakfast, a salad for lunch, fish and a veggie for dinner—sound familiar??), but the average person would be shocked at how nutrient deficient their diet is. When your body doesn’t get the nutrients it needs or when it lacks alkalinity it will take what it needs from other parts of your body (bones primarily—leading to osteoporosis) and reduce your overall vitality and health.

Even if you are eating veggies, those veggies could come from depleted soils which will result in foods that do not have the nutrient quality they should. For this very reason, we carry two nutrition supplement lines which source from quality soils and in some cases own the land itself.

Both companies, Genesis Pure and Standard Process, use the highest quality processing methods so as not to harm natural enzymes and reduce the potency of the nutritional supplement.

Contact us at Alive Colon Hydrotherapy to learn more about our nutritional supplements and for any of our colonic treatments.